Best Friends, Better Lovers

Best Friends, Better Lovers

Directed by
Holly Randall

Directed by industry favourite Holly Randall, this erotic short film follows best friends Ted (Codey Steele) & Sarah (Eliza Ibarra) who leave their small town behind to move to LA together. Despite everyone telling them that they can't really just be friends, they insist that there are no romantic feelings between them. However, things soon get interesting when their sexy neighbour Angie (Joanna Angel) invites them to a kinky house party and makes it obvious that she has her eyes set on Sarah. As the best friends' lives progress in this new city tension builds and jealousy grows between them. Is it true after all that they could never just be friends? Have they actually wanted each other all along? 

Trailer & Behind the scenes

Trailer Best Friends, Better Lovers
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