About Else Cinema

This is the Erika Lust Soft Edition for when you're looking for something ELSE. Home to an extensive catalogue of sensual, beautiful erotic movies that will challenge your most vivid fantasies and feed your imagination by awakening each of your senses.

Each film in this online cinema uncovers sexual fantasies and captures moments of passion in provocative and arousing ways by capturing the details of stolen looks, tender touches, and pleasurable expressions. We explore what sex feels like instead of showing you close-up, gynecological shots of what it looks like.

Brought to you by Erika Lust, the award-winning filmmaker whose pioneering work has garnered a huge following of people looking for something different from their erotic viewing, this is sensual cinema on demand for people who don't want to watch explicit sex but still want their movies to be more than just a little bit hot.

Watch on any device with no nasty pop-ups and no need to hide your internet history afterwards. Home to the finest erotic movies, Else Cinema is for people who want a safe space to add a little more sensuality to their life.

Our Values

Else Cinema is part of Erika Lust Film's new wave of adult cinema made with an ethical production process . As a society we are moving towards becoming more ethical and intelligent consumers and we believe that it's time to bring this same level of consciousness to our consumption of erotic entertainment. If you would like to learn more about the values & principles that we follow, please click here.

That's what they said…

"The intensities and passion of love and lust are transcribed in [Erika Lust] cinematic display of erotica in her adult films."

— ODDA, 2018

"Connecting her audience to the emotions involved in eroticism."

— Human Shift Paper, June 2019

"Her viewpoint is refreshing and cinematic."

— The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore, July 2019

"Lust has played an instrumental role in defining the importance of representation and diversity in erotic movies."

— The Next Web, 2019

"On the site, you won’t find any degrading pop-ups, age-questionable models, or gross plotlines."

— The Daily Dot