Let your imagination run free, stimulate all of your senses, and experience eroticism like never before with Else Cinema audio erotica.

Made in collaboration with BLAZE, this is a 360º sound experience of erotic audio that will immerse your mind and your body in a new kind of pleasure. Each story transports you to a new world, and with a wide range of fantasies you’re sure to find just the experience that you’ve been dreaming about.

This is a conscious, empowering, and above all personal way to consume erotica. As the audio sex stories are presented to you without images, you take an active role in shaping the scenes and stories in a way that suits you. Without the influence of watching people perform, you can construct what’s going on, either by putting yourself into the story or imagining others. You’re in full control of your erotic experience.

Each and every story is sex positive, safe, consensual, and inclusive. Blaze provides high quality sound design creating realistic situations of sex and pleasure, and relatable characters that will make you feel as though you are a part of the story. The stories will allow you to tune out from daily stresses in an intimate and sensual way.

Erika Lust is a pioneer of alternative erotic cinema and has built a reputation for bringing art, cinematic value, high quality storytelling, and realism to the adult industry. She knows that good, quality erotica is hard to come by which is why she’s bringing her high standard of audiovisual storytelling to the world of audio sex stories, hand by hand with Blaze.

All that’s left for you to do now is to put your headphones on, sit back, relax, and travel to a new realm of erotic experiences.


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