A Love Letter to All Those Men

Directed by Erika Lust

year 2023    

An homage to all the guys who have shared my bed, from those who have stayed in till dawn to those who have yet to arrive one night.To all the guys I've known and those I've yet to meet: partners, affairs, one-night stands, the ones who seemed distant, the ones who were too kind, the ones who loved to hold my hands, and the ones who wanted to suck my feet.You may have lasted a year or only till the sun came out, but your beauty has stayed with me. I remember the puddle of perspiration on my chest mixing with mine. I still fantasize about your skin folds, arms, and elbows, as well as those dimples on your chin or when I used to scrape my nails down your back or grab that luscious butt, biting into that lovely crack.This is for all of you: to those who would stay in bed till morning and all those who are still to come one night.

Trailer & Behind the scenes