Directed by Poppy Cox

year 2022    

Why use plain furniture when you can sit on human bodies? In this movie about forniphilia, material and immaterial realities collide.In this production by Poppie Cox, you'll discover how submission, domination, objectification, and bondage intertwine.Sometimes you just want to give up and become a chair or a table, to be seen but not heard, to exist as a mere illusion with no feelings or decisions to make, to serve only.Or perhaps you enjoy the power play that comes with being sentient in a sea of non-sentient beings and deciding when they can return to life, regardless of what they think.It makes no difference whether you prefer to be dominant, submissive, or both in Forniphile; you'll experience every side of it.This highly stylized erotic film challenges our notions of dominance and submission. It questions our understanding of objectification as bodies shift between the states of object and subject while desire flows freely between the two.

Trailer & Behind the scenes