Sex Toy Story

Directed by Erika Lust

year 2024    

Are you into sex toys? They are also into you. Meet Bootie Fem and her gang, a collection of sex toys with distinct personalities, wants, and quirks. They are not just objects; they also have feelings!Bootie Fem, a butt plug, has been left in a bedside drawer for weeks. Their mistress has a new lover and seems to have forgotten about them. They spent days fantasizing about their extended masturbation sessions with their mistress, in which they explored her body jointly. Their friends, the traditional vibrator Rabbit, and the powerful Miss Bi, have long given up on drawing attention and mock Bootie's assumption that their relationship with their mistress is special. But today, Bootie will discover that if someone loves you enough, they will always return to you. Sex Toy Story is the first animated porn movie you will ever watch! A confession about the secret life of sex toys sparked this movie, which focuses on anal pleasure. Cute, sexy, and everything in between!

Trailer & Behind the scenes