The Wedding

Directed by Erika Lust

year 2023    

Erika Lust's most ambitious feature film to date, The Wedding, is a humorous rom-com that delves deep into pansexuality, open relationships, and the stigmas that surround them. Have you ever wished My Big Greek Fat Wedding was sexier? Well, Erika Lust's The Wedding is. This unique wedding chronicles the bride and groom's journey and friendship with their open-minded friends and stars Nicole Kitt, Dante Colle, Panterino, Maria Riot, Andi James, Jason Steel, Romy Furie, and Jade Kush. Passions flare when the couple's pansexuality and the unrestricted nature of their relationship are revealed. Will the groom's mother accept her son's sexual orientation and way of life? Will other suitors try their luck with the newlyweds? Will the couple's relatives and friends ever find out?

Trailer & Behind the scenes