Ellen Pearson and Kitty Drake

Kitty Drake

Kitty is an English food critic with an interest in all the different things you can put in your mouth. Co-editor of the award-winning feminist magazine Ladybeard, she works closely around the politics of sex and femininity. Kitty’s writing has appeared in Vice, The Sunday Times and Time Out Magazine. The Riding Lesson is her first short film.

Ellen Pearson

Interrogating the intersection between reality and the imagination, Ellen Pearson's films attempt to reinterpret the body, sexuality and desire. Ellen's work focuses on women+; a passionate advocate for worldwide decriminalisation, her first experimental documentary, Lawless, explores Sydney’s sex work industry and premiered on UK television in 2016. The Riding Lesson is her erotic fiction directorial debut.

Directed by Ellen Pearson and Kitty Drake

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