Julia Schönstädt

Julia Schönstädt is a photographer and director from Berlin who attained her master’s degree at Goldsmiths (University of London). After earning several scholarships, she now resides in London where she works between the UK and Germany. Through her highly stylised work as a portrait photographer and music video director, she is always finding new ways to explore the dynamic between composition and beauty in the worlds that she creates. She had her directorial debut in the adult industry with Erika Lust Films where she fused her background in music videos with erotic cinema. With this film she wanted to contribute to the LGBTQ+ community by providing a genuine representation of lesbin love. When she’s not working commercially, she explores her interest in anthropology by traveling around the world and engaging in documentary style projects. She also created the 16 Bars Project, a prisoner’s portrait series with the purpose of raising awareness for the penal system, which gained her an award by the Guardian.

Directed by Julia Schönstädt

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