Xaho is a director from Barcelona who has developed his professional career in Barcelona. He is a director that is not afraid of capturing the ugliness and awkwardness of life. His movies question the limits human beings can reach when facing pleasure, pain, anger, sadness, or escape while exploring beyond-the-norm scenarios.

He has also written and directed three short films: Violeta, Placebo, and La muerte de Oso—which were selected for international film festivals. 

He has recently finished the Master of Screenwriting at Showrunners Bcn, where he wrote his first feature film script, in addition to being a first or second assistant director in projects such as Elsa from Silendum Films production company or in music videos with international artists such as Luna Ki or Col3trane.

He also worked as Film Editor and Script Doctor in Erika Lust Films. He is currently working as the third assistant director for a new series produced by Netflix. His XConfessions debut, Catboy, it's his first movie in the adult entertainment industry. 

Directed by Xaho