Valentin Pierre and Catalina

Directed by Bruce LaBruce

year 2020    

The year is 2022, the great world war has just ended and emperor Donald Trump and his right-hand man Kim Jong-Un have taken over the world. Catalonia is now it’s own independent state and has become a utopia for foreigners. Catalina, a native of Catalonia, hangs up her hat as an independence fighter and befriends Valentin and Pierre, two foreigners who’ve sought refuge in Catalonia following the war. The connection between them is sweet and natural. Catalina & Valentin are in love. Pierre & Catalina are in love. And they fall into a polyamorous bliss. Catalina’s fight for independence has ended, and now she fights together with her lovers to move beyond societal norms and traditional relationship dynamics.


Trailer & Behind the scenes