Directed by Rebecca Stewart

year 2022    

I was a history-lover in school, especially of witchcraft. There was no such thing as the evil witches they wrote about. The women called "witches" were only guilty of being powerful, independent, and sexually liberated—something way more dangerous to men than worshipping the devil. Religious leaders told tales of sabbath, when witches would dance naked in the moonlight, masturbate with broomsticks, and have a huge orgy with the devil, but it was nothing more than scaremongering to keep women subordinate. Was it maybe based on an element of truth? They were probably women who snuck out at night to meet their friends, celebrate their own bodies, and explore their inner sexual desires—they would have ended up at the stake if they got caught, but they did it anyway. It was for sure a wild party...Are you a witch too?

Trailer & Behind the scenes