A Taste of Kunst

Directed by Von Ferro & Ron Rex

year 2022    

A wealthy collector and philanthropist dies and leaves her fortune to four young artists. To split the wealth, they have to spend a month together in her mansion and produce four works of art for her mausoleum.One of the artists, Candy Moore, promised to be a revolutionary artist and ended up being just that, a promise. After years in oblivion, she has now a chance to become the artist so many people believed in. She wants to escape from her past life of sex and drinking, but this mansion is a constant temptation, making her lose control and awakening new feelings.Taste of Kunst is an erotic series about the connection between art, sex, fame, and desire. Starring Skye Blue, Ariana Van, Tula, Romeo, and Doryann Marguet, this refreshing romantic comedy ends with a bang: a breathtaking foursome.