Naked Kitchen

Directed by Regan Humphrey

year 2024    

Naked Kitchen follows the life of a creative married couple, West (Christian Wilde) and Amelia (Apryl Rein), in the weeks leading up to the grand opening of West's restaurant. To honor the occasion, Amelia buys a gift for West, but when her goal fails, she meets an unexpected stranger. She immediately reveals her adultery to West. With the restaurant's opening day nearing, they agree to halt the argument... until the stranger unexpectedly shows on their doorstep! Amelia realizes that the guest is Joon (Jake Waters), West's culinary school classmate. Joon has come to stay for the weekend and is collaborating with West on the menu. Just when Amelia thought she was secure, she is faced with a new secret to keep... and she is not alone. When everything is revealed, the lunch that Joon and West prepared becomes a struggle for food, sex, and imagination!